Centera EOS End of Sale

Dell EMC announced the end of sale date for the Centera is 3/31/2018.

Now is the time to start planning on where your compliant data is going to be relocated.

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  • Compliant Archiving Software
  • Similar features as Centera
  • WORM / Retention
  • Legal Hold
  • Encryption
  • NAS, Cloud and Object Storage
Shadow FS EMC Centera alternative Secure Archive Manager
EMC Centera End of Life

The end of sale date for Centera was 3/31/2018. Centera systems and capacity upgrades can no longer be purchased from Dell EMC. Now is the time to start the planning process to move your data forward.

Transitioning application data from Centera CAS (content addressible storage) to a new storage system is complex. Frist the data and meta-data has to be extracted from a proprietary format, prepared for the new system (NAS, object or cloud) and moved all while adhering to regulatory and governance requirements. Each migrated file is verified using content based cryptographic hashes. A complete chain-of-custody document is provided to meet the proof requirements of regulated data.

Next the application has to be updated so it can reach the relocated data. DataTrust Solutions supports over 40 applications that wrote to the Centera API in addition to any that used EMC DiskXtender, EMC CUA or EMC CTA as a file system gateway. Our migration services provides a Chain-of-Custody documentation providing verification with content based cryptographic hashes of every migrated file.

Our Professional Service engineers have successfully completed hundreds of Centera migrations over the past nine years. Our custom developed software called Migration Software for Centera (MSC) automates the process. .

For assistance with planning your Centera migration click this link for a planning guide.

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Compliant Archiving

Compliant archiving features without the proprietary hardware is the foundation of our Secure Archive Manager (SAM) . More data is subject to regulatory and governance requirements which drives the need for an open approach. SAM delivers the features that companies in regulated industries need including:

  • WORM
  • Retention
  • Legal Hold
  • Encryption
  • Content based cryptographic hashes
  • Multiple-copies
  • Deduplication

SAM also delivers new features to open up the possibilities:

  • S3 front-end for when legacy applications are S3 ready and need to access existing data in-place
  • Cloud and object storage options
  • Tools to selectively "pull in data" from existing storage
  • Make copies / replicate to heterogenous storage
  • Exclude folders and file types from retention (e.g. \ano\, .temp)

The advanced architecture of SAM includes a virtual file system that is not limited to constraints on file counts or directory depth imposed by traditional OS based file systems like NTFS. The virtual file system does not use stubs or reparse points, so any recovery and move options are fast and seemless. Let SAM move your data forward.


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